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Myanmar Business Guide - A How to guide by PWC

In this third edition doing business guide, PWC covers a broad range of business topics including the economy, conducting business in Myanmar, accounting, audits, taxes, human resources, employment law, foreign exchange, banking, and more.

This is a must-read guide for anyone setting up shop in Myanmar.

Ease of Doing Business in Myanmar, according to the world bank

The World Bank provides exhaustive comparative stats for how easy (or difficult) it is to do business in each country in the world. Myanmar currently holds the rank of 167th most difficult place in the world to do business.  Though it has improved its permitting and application processes, the country has made it tougher to file taxes.

Brand Perceptions in Myanmar

Read on to see how Apple, KFC, and other western brands rank in Myanmar.

“With more than 51 million fast-changing consumers, Myanmar is not a market that can be ignored…”


In 2013, the McKinsey Global Institute wrote a landmark report on Myanmar’s economic potential — and challenges.  Packed with graphics and using data on demographics, labor-productivity, and forward-looking industry targets, this report outlines an aggressive, yet credible, growth plan for the country through 2040.

“Managed well, Myanmar could conceivably quadruple the size of its economy, from $45 billion in 2010 to more than $200 billion in 2030—creating upward of ten million nonagricultural jobs in the process.”